Fiber Optic Patch Cord

What is the fiber optic patch cord?

A fiber optic patch cord is constructed from a core with a high refractive index, surrounded by a coating with a low refractive index, that is strengthened by aramid yarns and surrounded by a protective jacket. Transparency of the core permits transmission of optic signals with little loss over great distances. The coating’s low refractive index reflects light back into the core, minimizing signal loss. The protective aramid yarns and outer jacket minimizes physical damage to the core and coating.

What are the patch cord types?

  • Connector type:LC/SC/ST/FC/MPO/MTP.
  • Mode type:Single-mode or Multimode patch cord.
  • Quantity of the connector: Simplex or Duplex patch cord
  • Cable length:1m/5m/10m/20m/30m/50m etc.
  • Connector Polish Type:APC/UPC type.
  • Cable jacket type:PVC/LSZH/OFNP/Armored.
  • New Type of Patchcord:MTP/MPO,Why MTP/MPO is widely used in the fiber optic field?

What are the advantages of MTP/MPO?

  1. Small diameter and small volume allow wiring space to be increased.
  2. The special design of the connector can eliminate termination errors and greatly save installation time.
  3. According to different configuration requirements of users, the corresponding MTP / MPO patch cord structure can be selected to meet different wiring requirements.
  4. Each component has excellent optical and mechanical properties, and the insertion loss is relatively low in a high-speed network environment.
  5. The use of micro-core cable to maximize the bending radius, and the size and volume are relatively small.

MTP / MPO fiber optic patch cables are widely used in high-density wiring systems, with a small space occupation, and can save installation time and costs. As an important technology for upgrading to 40 / 100G Ethernet, MTP / MPO fiber jumpers are being used by more and more people.

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