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Top 10 fiber optic communications suppliers in China

Today we are going to talk about China’s top fiber optic communication suppliers. Every industry will have the best competitors. They are so good, they lead the development direction of the industry, determine the rules and standards of the industry, and they are also the biggest players and beneficiaries in the industry. In China, the manufacturing industry is booming, and the fiber optic communication industry has also developed rapidly in recent years. There are thousands of domestic fiber optic suppliers of various sizes. With the flow of time, many of these large-scale suppliers are eliminated by the market. Gradually develop and grow, many are newly established. To survive in the cruel market competition, they all have certain core competitiveness, either for products or for market development. The core of the top suppliers is still the product. Their products must be of high quality, the technology must be at the forefront of the industry, and standards must be set in the direction of the industry for latecomers to comply. Excellent products create good market feedback, and gradually occupy the market to form a brand. With a brand, marketing is easier, such a virtuous circle. Since 2020 is not over yet, we have to refer to the 2019 annual corporate financial report to list the top 10 fiber optic communication brand suppliers in China: 1.Huawei In 2019, Huawei’s revenue was US$122 billion, slightly lower than Microsoft’s US$125.8 billion, making it a veritable multinational corporation. However, Huawei’s history is not long. It was established in 1987. In the early years, it relied on switches

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10 Tips Help You to Know Everything About Fiber Distribution Box

The fiber distribution box is a common product in FTTH and FTTB. It protects the connection point of the optical cable to access user end, makes the optical cable access point stable, dust-proof, and waterproof. It reduces the interference for access signal of the optical cable to the external environment as much as possible.According to the different requirements of the actual application environment, there are many kinds of fiber distribution boxes on the market, how to choose? The following 10 points help you to understand everything about the fiber distribution box. Table of Contents 1. The position of the fiber distribution box in the optical fiber communication. 2. Application scenarios of fiber distribution box. 3. Internal structure of fiber distribution box. 4. Classification of fiber optic distribution box. 5. Material of fiber distribution box. 6. Manufacturing process and technology of fiber distribution (caja)box. 7. how to choose between full-loaded distribution box and empty distribution box? 8. Quality inspection. 9. Market and Price. 10. Development trend of the fiber optic distribution box. 1. The position of the fiber distribution box in the optical fiber communication The transmission of the optical signal in the optical fiber is just like the flow of tap water in the water pipe. During the transmission process, when a user needs, it needs to be shunted to the user, but the shunt node needs a protection to prevent the tap water from leaking and forming.The node protection device that shunts the optical signal is called the fiber distribution box. This is its position in optical communication field.

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Types of Optical Fiber

Classification of Optical Fiber (The Complete Guide 2020)

Classification of Optical Fiber (The Complete Guide 2020) Now optical fiber communication has become the mainstream method of communication transmission. The market is full of all kinds of optical fiber products, with many categories, complex models and long product lines. Conventional, customized, and improved products coexist, and optical fiber communication technology continues to progress rapidly, and new products will quickly enter the market. How to classify many optical fiber products? This article will be divided into five parts. Table of Contents Definition Construction of fiber optic The classic classification of optical fiber The most widely used product of optical fiber–optical cable Connector of fiber optic 1. Definition The official definition of optical fiber is optical fiber, a fiber made of glass or plastic, which can be used as a light transmission tool. In the actual application scenario, it is difficult to see the optical fiber. It has been protected by layers, modified, and turned into an optical cable, jumper, pigtail, plc splitter and so on. Therefore, the actual optical fiber is only an integral part of various finished products, and of course it is also a core component. From the product point of view, the optical fiber is of little significance. The optical fiber will eventually form a product chain. For example: the connection of the optical fiber requires flanges, fast connectors, and the fusion of optical fibers requires the use of fusion splicers, protective sleeve, and fiber connections. The joint closure is needed, the outdoor protection of the fiber distribution fiber needs the distribution box, the indoor patch panel.

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How is the COVID-19 Affecting the Fiber Optic Communication Industry?

How is the COVID-19 Affecting the Fiber Optic Communication Industry? At the beginning of 2020, a huge black swan event, regarded as a once-in-a-century disaster, swept the globe, profoundly affecting our lives and work, and even threatening our lives. But the catastrophe will pass, the virus will be eradicated, the human race will be victorious, and we will still live and work in a positive way. And as fiber optic communications industry practitioners, how do we think of the impact of this epidemic on the communications industry? We will analyze the impacts from two aspects: demand and supply. Supply side: It has to be said that the coronavirus is very creepy. It started in China, the world’s largest supplier of fiber optic communications. The outbreak began in China’s central city, Wuhan, Hubei, during the Chinese New Year. And then the country, Wuhan, started lockdown, provinces across the country quickly adjusting to the highest level of response. Industries stopped working and production stopped, people stopped moving, logistics began to break down, and China was forced to hit the pause button, as if time had stood still. But for the fiber optic communication industry, due to the rapid development of 5G communication technology in China in 2019 and the global rollout, domestic suppliers were full of orders. And the sudden stoppage of production made companies of all sizes face enormous delivery pressure.  After the domestic epidemic was under control in early March, the situation suppliers face was that they have difficulties in hiring a worker. As workers returning to their hometowns were slow

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What Kinds of Optical Fibers Do You Know

What Kinds of Optical Fibers Do You Know?

What Kinds of Optical Fibers Do You Know? Optical fibers can be divided according to the material they are made of. As mentioned in previous post, optical fibers can be made of glass, but they can also be made of plastic. Both of the materials have their pros and cons. The fibers made of glass are great for long-distance transmission, but are very expensive. They are divided into two different types: Single mode and Multimode. The main difference between both of them is the core diameter and the number of light bundles in the fiber. Single mode fibers allow only one beam of light to be transmitted, and Multimode fibers can transmit multiple light beams at a time. As we already said, we also know optical fibers made of plastic, also called POF fibers (Polymer optic fiber). Plastic fibers are used at shorter distances and have a larger core diameter. Their transmission routes are less reliable than the ones of glass fibers, but their main gain is the low cost. Plastic fibers are, compared to the glass ones, really inexpensive.  So if we combine both, pros and cons, we can conclude that plastic fiber are mainly used on short distances (inside our homes etc.) to lower the cost. Most of the time, POFs at home are found in connecting audio devices. The attenuation for fiberglass is 0.2dB / Km, for POF this is 100dB / Km. What Kinds of Optical Fibers Do You Know? A huge part of human population has an access to the worldwide internet and if we

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